Car Kit Specifications

Recommended Vendor: Shift EV

Note: To meet 2018 and later Electrathon America rules for medium height and tall drivers, modification of roll bar height and/or front frame structure may be required. Please also be aware that in order to allow for versatility in how it is assembled, some nuts and bolts and other minor materials specified in the assembly manual are not included.


  • Steel Perimeter Chassis with roll bar & bumper
  • FRP Seat Pan
  • ABS Body Shell
  • Acrylic Canopy (specify clear or tinted when orering) 80"x22"x12"
  • Aluminum Sprocket Adaptor with freewheel and chain guards
  • CF Graphite 20” Rear Wheel
  • Artek Disc Brake Set
  • Steering Spindle Set with tie rod, link rods and steering handles
  • 16” Front Wheel Set
  • Illustrated Assembly Manual - covers all the electrical components, parts, tools, fasteners and supplies needed to the complete the kit.

This is a rolling chassis kit only, and does not include electrical drive system components. The chassis and body portion of the kit includes a manual which specifies what nuts and bolts you will need to purchase separately.

If you're building an Aerocoupe Kit that you already have purchased, this kit includes all of the "other critical parts" listed (below) to complete the standard Aerocoupe Kit except for batteries. Batteries are sold separately - recommended: Two batteries will work best with the copper lugs above.

  • Cycle Analyst, for instrumentation like battery power consumed, speed, efficiency, and more.
  • Smart Charger, 20Amp on (1) 12V, or 10Amp on (2) 12V batteries.
  • Front Tires, high pressure, low rolling resistance.
  • Front Tubes.
  • Rear Tire, high pressure, low rolling resistance.
  • Rear Tube.
  • Foot Pedal, for throttle input if desired.
  • Linear cable, for precision throttle control.
  • Chain Drive Package for 5/8" motor shaft, includes various sprockets, chain, master link.
  • Electric Drive Package with Hot Scott Motor, controller, power cable & connectors, throttle input device, main fuse, main switch, and more.
  • Cable Clamp assemblies.
  • Rear View Mirrors.
  • Five Point Seat Belt system.

Some fasteners, tie wraps and other common consumables are not included.

For more information about a Team Scholarship toward a SHIFT EV Car Kit contact

For more information about a Team Scholarship toward a SHIFT EV Car Kit contact