About ACE

The vision of the Alamo City Electrathon is to generate excitement and awareness of vocational opportunities associated with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. By offering students in our region a real-world, hands-on learning experience like no other, we are bringing STEM home to the future workforce of America.

The mission of the Alamo City Electrathon is to foster and encourage partnerships between educational institutions and industry partners. The ACE Invitational was created as an academic opportunity for student programs in high school and community colleges.  Each team will be given a year long suggested curriculum on how to build a race eligible car.

Competitors learn to design and build an electric vehicle they can drive.  Each vehicle must pass a local inspection to compete. The 60 minute race is held on a closed loop course, with each car limited to approximately 1000 Watt-hour of electricity from any chemical battery, solid-state battery or super capacitor that is deemed safe.

That is about 12 pennies of electricity in most of the US! The team with the most laps wins. Events are pre-approved (sanctioned)  in advance by Electrathon America to assure consistency and compliance across all regions.  ACE Race Teams must be registered as members with Electrathon America. 

Electrathon America Membership

In order to register for ACE race teams must be registered as members with Electrathon America.  Use the link below to complete your membership application.


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